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Frequently Asked Questions About Landing & Profile Page Websites

Landing and Profile page websites are a great low cost alternative to traditional multi-page websites.

Who is Roar Solutions?

Roar Solutions is a Canadian based company who opened it's doors back in 2003. Since then we have grown into a full-fledged web solutions firm offering a wide variety of services for today's modern businesses.

Our range of services comprises website design, website hosting, business class email accounts, social media marketing, email marketing and logo design. We strive to be your 1-stop shop for your online business needs.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

You never have to sign a contract with us! We don't believe in holding our clients hostage. We have retained over 98% of our clients from year to year. If for any reason you need to cancel your monthly subscription with us we will honour this with no questions asked.

How long will it take to setup my website?

The average time is typically 1 week (sometimes way quicker if we have all your information) depending on various factors. If we can obtain all the necessary information from you (ie. domain name, content, logo etc...) we can typically complete your website within 5 business days.

Do you provide support for em once my website is launched?

Roar Solutions offers you free technical support in a way that is convenient for you. Our Support Team will give you quick and professional support on all your questions.

The fastest way to our support team is by email! Simply send us an email to support@roarsolutions.com and we'll get back to you typically within 1-2 hrs.

Need to talk directly to our support team? Call us toll free 1-866-820-0831 and we'll look after your requests.

What's different between a normal website you offer and a single/landing page website?

In a nutshell the single page websites are just that, one page and one page only. The advantages are that there is a lower cost in setup and hosting, you can more easily manage one page of content versus say 10 and you can really tailor your profile page website to what you want. The disadvantages of a one page website are that they do not contain all the same functionality you get with our normal websites which are more powerful. So we have a solution for everyones needs

Will you help me search and purchase a domain name for my website?

Absolutely! Give us a call and our Support Team will help you find a domain name and help you register the name.

The domain name will always be yours to keep no matter what website company you decide to do business with. However, to help support your domain name, we will list Roar Solutions as the administrative contact. This will help us manage your yearly renewals on your behalf.

I love your landing, single page websites but I want to host it on my own server instead

Unfortunately you cannot. Our solutions contain proprietary software that we cannot allow to be hosted on other servers. In other words our service is a hosted service that we manage and take care of completely.