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Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

Social Media is new, it's here to stay and we know it's scary for many people. We're here to help make the transition easier for you and your business.

Who is Roar Solutions?

Roar Solutions is a Canadian based company who opened it's doors back in 2003. Since then we have grown into a full-fledged web solutions firm offering a wide variety of services for today's modern businesses.

Our range of services comprises website design, website hosting, business class email accounts, social media marketing, email marketing and logo design. We strive to be your 1-stop shop for your online business needs.

Why is Social Media so Important to my business?

Social Media allows you or your business to interact with existing or potentially new clients in ways unimagined just a few years ago. With the advent of Social Media your "reach" as we will call it can grow daily and the beauty of social media is that your social media friends can also help spread your message as well. You just cant beat that kind of added exposure for your business.

With the Social Media Managed Services what do you do?

Good question. We will basically...

1. Create your Social Media accounts for you (ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
2. Then we discuss with you what your industry is and based on that we will then add Faceboom posts, Twitter tweets etc all for you a few times per week. These updates will appear to come from you and are geared for your industry to help provide information to your new potential clients out in the Social Stratusphere

Do I really need these Social Media Accounts, what good are they?

YES you do to answer your question. Social Media is here to stay whether you like it or not. Many business owners choose to ignore this fact and ignore social media completely. BIG MISTAKE.

Getting involved in Social Media can be tedious and time consuming and that's why we offer various packages to take this burden off you while still making you and your business look like social media rock stars.

Is there a monthly fee involved

Yes and No depending on what package or service you decide to go with. Our managed services do have a monthly fee as we have our staff actually logging into your social media accounts on a regular basis to make updates on your behalf. Other services such as website widgets simply have a 1-time setup fee and no monthly fees.

Can you create a custom Facebook page for my business?

Yes we can. As with our website services, we will discuss with you what you want in terms of look and feel and then we will go from there. We offer basic designs or we can create very custom designs if needed, all depending on your budget.