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This is a standalone email marketing platform that can be used by anyone. You are able to continue using Tellem even if you do not have a website with Roar Solutions.

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I. Once your website has been cancelled we cannot retrieve any of your website data including content, photos, or files. You are responsible for retrieving any information you need prior to cancelling your account.

II. If your domain renewals were handled by the Roar Domain Management Team, and you wish to keep your domain it is absolutely imperative that you setup your own domain account at www.godaddy.com in order for us to move your domain over to your control. This will let you manage your domain name so you don't lose it. All domains not moved from the Roar Management account within 10 days of your cancellation will deemed to be abandoned and allowed to expire. We do not support renewing your domain names once you cancel your account with Roar Solutions and are not responsible for lost domains. If your domain name was self-managed, you can continue to manage it through your current domain registrar.

III. If you have email accounts with Roar Solutions, please download or backup any emails you want to keep from your Roar Webmail Account BEFORE you cancel your web account with us. Once we cancel your account, we cannot retrieve your emails and we are not responsible for any lost emails, contacts, or calendar items that you did not download before cancelling your services with Roar Solutions.

We're sorry to see you go and thank you for giving us the opportunity to support your online services.
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