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Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Design, Corporate Identity Packages

Many ask why a Logo is so important or what use is having a business card? Well both are extremely important and very relevant in today's business world.

Why Does My Business Need a Logo?

For many reasons really.

Your logo is an encapsulated symbol of your business. It conveys an image of what your business is about through colour schemes, fonts, iconic images etc. It truly is an instantly recognizeable symbol of you and your business.

How long does it typically take to get my new logo designed?

Much of this depends on how quick we get feedback from you. Typically the process is 5-7 business days but this could fluctuate and be quicker in some cases.

When I get my logo designed to I get the original digital files?

Yes we can provide you with the original working digital files in case you ever need them.

With my new Logo or Corporate Identity Package do I get a few revisions?

Yes you do. We offer 2-3 variations based on what you are looking to do. rest assured we work with you to ensure that in the end you get exactly what you want for your business.