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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Email

Business Email Hosting is a must for any serious business. The days of responding to your clients with a Hotmail or Yahoo account are over.

What is Business Class Email?

When you're looking for an email hosting provider, we believe it's important to look for one that focuses on business email, not consumer email. There is a difference. Business email is the lifeline of your business. You need a business email hosting provider that understands the mission-critical nature of email for business.

We focus on providing 100% uptime for our email services. Along with enterprise grade anti-spam and virus protection we provide you with rock solid support.

Are there any setup fees?

Nope. The only fees you pay are the per email address fees which are billed each month.

Does your email work on smartphones, IPhones and the like?

By all means. You can access our email on your desktop/laptop, on the internet via a secure webmail access or on any smartphone out there. So your email is always accessible no matter where you are and what device you are using.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

Nope. We don't hold our clients to any contracts. If you decide you no longer need our email services simply let us know and we will cancel your account and remove your email from our servers. There is no charge or any hidden fees or penalties.

Do you have a mobile or smart phone login area?

Why yes we do. Please visit our secure mobile web access

How many companies and email accounts does Roar Solutions Support?

We currently provide email services for over 100 companies and within that mix we maintain well over 1500 email accounts currently.

Do you have Exchange Server Email Services?

Yes we do. The exchange server solution is a great solution for larger organizations or those wishing to have deep integration and collaboration as well as the full suite of features exchange server offers you.

I have a large number of users, is there a control panel we can use?

Yes for larger groups we give you full access to manage your users email accounts as you see fit so it becomes a breeze to manage your email without the worries of servers going down or paying expensive IT people to manage things.

We already have an in-house email server why would we need you?

Good question. So your in-house email server, do you have any idea how much that is costing you to purchase and maintain? We can guarantee you it is not cheap. Our solution is managed by us, we purchase and look after all the servers, our team supports everything. So you no longer need to pay expensive IT support people to manage your email and believe us this is a true savings.

We get lots of spam with our current provider do you have anti-spam services?

Yes we do. Our services come with enterprise class spam filtering and anti-virus protection. We also allow users to manage their own spam filters and whitelists as they see fit giving you true control over things.

Our IT people charge us for support, do you do this?

Nope. You pay us a monthly fee to have an email account from us and we offer you free support for things like email setup, any email issues that could be occurring. That said we do not troubleshoot non email related issues (ie. setting up a new computer, hooking up to the internet etc.)