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Mobile Website Design - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Mobile Website Design and Hosting

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

Great Question. Currently there are over 3 Billion Cell and Smart Phones in use and this number is growing by tens of thousands each and every day. Now all these people with all these cell phones love finding things online while their using their smart phones.

Now the problem is traditional websites were designed for wide screen monitors and not small screen smart phones. This is where a mobile website comes in. A Mobile friendly version of your website allows you to show a scaled down version of your website.

So you can see why it's very important that users can get at your website (mobile or non-mobile versions) at any time giving you much wider exposure to potential new clients

I Already Have a Website, What's this Mobile Website Stuff All About?

The biggest issue is how people view websites. Traditionally it was on a monitor that would measure at least 14" in viewable area and typically much larger. Now that will never go away BUT more and more people are doing searches and using the internet on mobile devices which have much smaller viewing screens and are not as fully compatible as much more powerful laptops and desktops.

With smaller viewing screens it becomes more tedious for users to navigate your website.

So a mobile version of your website is a scaled down version, usually consisting of only a handful of pages from your traditional website. It is optimized to fit a mobile device so that users have a much easier experience and can easily find the info on your business they need.

Do I have to Pay Hosting for My Mobile Website

Yes there is a hosting fee for all our mobile websites. This fee includes free support at all times and the use of our Content Management System that allows you to quickly update your mobile websites content.