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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mortgage Websites

You have some questions, let's give you some answers...

Who is Roar Solutions, How Can I Trust You?

Roar Solutions opened its doors back in 2003. Since then we have become the premier supplier of websites and online marketing solutions for the Canadian Mortgage Industry.

We are an IMBA Web Services Partner as well as CAAMP Benefits Program Partner. We currently host over 500 mortgage office and agent websites from all across Canada. So rest assured you're in good hands when dealing with us.

Our range of services comprises website design, website hosting, business class email accounts, social media marketing, email marketing and logo design. We strive to be your 1-stop shop for your online business needs.

What will a Mortgage Website Cost?

Hands down, the web is the most cost-effective and flexible marketing medium to reach your prospects. We have website solutions for both a Mortgage Broker Office and for an individual Mortgage Agent.

Complete feature details and up-to-date pricing can be found by clicking here

Do I have to sign a contract with Roar Solutions for my Mortgage Website?

You never have to sign a contract with us! We don't believe in holding our clients hostage. We have retained over 98% of our clients from year to year. If for any reason you need to cancel your monthly subscription with us we will honour this with no questions asked.

What are my design choices?

Our gallery of professional designs offers Mortgage Broker Offices and individual mortgage agents plenty of design themes and colour schemes to pick from. New designs are always being added in our design gallery: click here to view our gallery.

Don't you have FREE Mortgage Agent Websites?

Ummm unfortunately the answer to that is no.

We know there are some providers out there who have 'Free' websites, that is no upfront fees. All we can say is that you get what you pay for. If you need a free website then expect to get what you pay for.

We have over 35 years combined experience with website design and we know that to be able to provide top-notch professional solutions and to be able to work with the client one on one, we need to have at least a small set-up fee. We believe our cost structure is by far one of the most cost-effective and reasonably priced solutions on the market today.

Are your websites fully compliant with certain government requirements in mind?

Yes they are. We realize that certain provinces are now legislating new guidelines for Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents (ie. license #'s etc) and we ensure that the website templates we create for you have these requirements fulfilled so that each website that is produced is fully compliant

Can I integrate an online Mortgage Application Form on my website?

Yes you can. If you are a mortgage professional in Canada we can implement either the Filogix MortgageBASE Plus application form on your website or the MorWeb application form.

If you are a Mortgage Professional in the U.S. we can work with you to determine what we can do.

Please note that there are typically annual fees that would need to be paid to these 3rd party companies to incorporate these secure application forms on your website.

How long will it take to setup a new Mortgage website?

The average time is typically 1-2 weeks depending on various factors. If we can obtain all the necessary information from you (ie. domain name, content, logo etc...) we can typically complete your website within 5 business days.

Do you provide any support for me once the website is launched?

Roar Solutions offers you free technical support in a way that is convenient for you. Our Support Team will give you quick and professional support on all your questions.

The fastest way to our support team is by email! Simply send us an email to support@roarsolutions.com and we'll get back to you typically within 1-2 hrs.

Need to talk directly to our support team? Call us toll free 1-866-820-0831 and we'll look after your requests.

I love your solutions but can we host everything on our servers instead?

Unfortunately not. Our solutions contain proprietary software that we cannot allow to be hosted on other servers. In otherwords our service is a hosted service that we manage and take care of completely. Most people feel they can save a little extra money if they host their websites and more on their own servers. Little do they know that there are many issues with this and in the end we can guarantee you that you're not saving any money. There are various factors you'd have to look at.. co-location costs, hardware costs and maintenance, technical administrator to look after and maintain the servers, security concerns and more.

If I ever need to make changes to my website in the future can Roar Solutions do this for me?

By all means. We have many clients who have us maintain their websites for them. We will quote you up front on any additional work you might need and once agreed upon we will go ahead and complete the work for you.

Can we add Social Media Items to my website (Facebook, Twitter etc)?

Yes by all means. If you have Social Media accounts setup such as Facebook and Twitter, we can add what are called widgets to your website for you. If you do not have Social Media Accounts setup we have a service specifically designed to setup accounts for you and even manage them to make your life even easier.

On your templates can we swap out logos etc.?

Yes by all means. Our template designs may show logos or colour schemes from various mortgage brokerages. Rest assured that we can easily swap the logo and change the colours as needed. We will change those items to suit your mortgage brokerages theme to some degree.

Do you help my website rank in search engines?

Our support team submits your site to major search engines such as Google, dmoz.org, and MSN on your behalf. Additional submissions can be done at an additional fee. Your Roar Advantage website comes with easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization tools to help you optimize your site for the various search engine crawlers.

We also offer a more specialized Search Engine Optimization Service as well that can help get the results you need.

Note: We can never guarantee you that you will rank on the first page of any search engine. For that matter no company can do this. If they tell you this be wary of their claims.

Please visit this link on google which states just this fact: click to view

Remember, your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy so be sure to include links to your website in all your marketing efforts (newspaper ads, business cards, email signatures etc...)

Will you help me search for and buy a domain name?

Absolutely! Give us a call and our Support Team will help you find a domain name and help you register the name.

The domain name will always be yours to keep no matter what website company you decide to do business with. However, to help support your domain name, we will list Roar Solutions as the administrative contact. This will help us manage your yearly renewals on your behalf.