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Social Media Management Top 10 Benefits

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1 and others are a mainstay for today's businesses. Roar Solutions can manage all of this for you and make you look like a rock star doing so.

number 1

Brand Yourself as the Expert

We are all technically experts at something. You could be a mortgage broker and have expert knowledge of mortgages or you could own a bakery and have expert knowledge of baking techniques. In the end we all have some expert knowledge within us that when shared via the social media world helps you generate more potential for connections.

number 2

Lead Generation

As your social media network grows and grows your connections help to generate leads. People retweet your tweets, new followers arrive and before your know it you actually start to generate some potential leads and new clients.

number 2

Brand Monitoring

Having a social media presence allows you to better understand what current and potential customers are saying about your product or services. Through active social media monitoring, you have the opportunity to address negative comments and correct false or inaccurate information about your brand.

number 3

Find New Customers Through Friends

You shouldn’t neglect your personal social media accounts as potential avenues to promote the activities of your business. Posting regular updates relating to your business and activities can remind your friends of what your company does and either to use your services or refer one of their friends.

number 4

Generate Website Traffic

By updating regularly on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with posts that link back to your site, you can create additional traffic to your website. Social media bookmarking tools like Digg, Stumbleupon and Slashdot can also generate additional traffic to your site if you create frequent articles and blog posts.

number 4

Increased Search Engine Rankings

Social media profiles frequently rank highly with major search engines. Using brand names and keywords in your profiles can help you to generate traffic for your social media sites and company website.

number 4

Niche Marketing

Social media allows you to reach very specific subsets of individuals based on their personal preferences and interests. You can create social media strategies based on reaching individual interests or even create unique social media profiles to target these audiences.

number 4


Through social media you can now offer and engage your clients with promotions, contests, special deals and much more. Facebook and Twitter make this very easy to do.

number 4

Links for SEO

Many social media bookmarking sites use NOFOLLOW tags that limit the outbound link value of posts made on their sites. There are still many leading social media sites that allow DOFOLLOW tags including Slashdot, Digg, Furl, Mixx and FriendFeed. However, you can see benefits from posting to social media bookmarking sites that use NOFOLLOW tags if people read your posts and link back to your Website

number 5


As your expert status rises people actually start turning to you for answers, you now have clout. Part of this clout is that your recommendations for products, services and more now have weight to them, people care and take notice.