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Template 1070 Logo and Hero Graphic Specs

August 18, 2016

If need to tweak some of the main photos/logos on Template 1070, here are some basic sizing guides to keep your site looking snazzy when you share through social or email marketing!

Easily make your updates through the Admin console and choose the HomePage Banner Manager and the soon to be released Logo Manager and away you go!

Here's a quick cheat sheet...

HeroGraphic (that's the big one in the slider area) - make these 1600px X 900px and size to 72dpi quality OR...even down to say 30dpi on the quality scale in Photoshop or whatever program you are using.  A graphic this big can take the reduction down to 30dpi and still retain a look that's not pixelated.  Experiment with the quality scale and the resulting graphic weight as you want to keep it under 200kb for mobile, and it's completely doable.

Top Header Area Logo - your max room to work in is 265px X 85px.  We constrain you to this number so it keeps the navigation and logo looking great on all mobile screens.  

Footer Area Logo - if you can get your logo onto a 200px X 200px canvas , it'll look great AND still shareable on Facebook and other social media channels if you needed to.

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