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Decommissioning of MortgageBasePlus Online Application

Posted by Roar Admin on September 2, 2016

Did you receive a notice that your MortgageBasePlus Online Application is being decommissioned by September 30, 2016?

The Roar Support Team is still not 100% clear as of today (Sept 2) what the 'alternative' solution looks like at this point.  The two announcements on the D+H website are very general and we don't have much more to go on.  

We've contacted Filogix/D+H ourselves and the minute we have more answers we'll let our Roar clients know.

As always, we'll work with every Broker/Agent personally to ensure your sites are updated as soon as we get more info.

Original announcement from March 11, 2016 (explaining that the online app is being expired).

Brief update announcement from June 14, 2016 (reconfirming end of life date)


The Roar Support Team has reached out to D+H (Filogix) to get notified once a replacement solution is announced so we're prepared on how to help you.  The best place to get updated information on what's going on is the D+H Blog https://expert.dh.com/updates OR contact:

Director of Lending Client Services
Anthony Samuels at anthony.samuels@dh.com
416.696.7702 ext. 35309