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Generating Mortgage Architects Application for MA Brokers/Agents

September 2, 2016

If you are a Mortgage Architects (MA) Broker/Agent, you will have received an email from your Corporate Team on news about your MortgageBase Plus Online Application Form being expired by Sept 30, 2016.  

Here's the note you will have received from your MA Corporate Team:

As you have been made aware D+H is terminating the MortgageBasePlus (Online Application) by the end of September 2016. You have been identified as someone who continues to use MortgageBasePlus. The solution is to switch to our Mortgage Architects Online Application and we look forward to supporting you through this transition. Only those that are hosting your own websites will need to follow the below steps to ensure no disruption to your on-line application forms. For all others, we will make the transition to the new application forms by September 4th on your corporate profiles and those that host their websites through MA.

The Roar Solutions Team will help you with the update BUT we need you to generate the code and email it to us.  Here's how you do it if you are with MA:

Please find below the steps that will allow you to copy the MA Online App link and provided to your domain registrar:
Apps & Tools > Eximius 2.0 > Account Settings > Online Application Setup ---- Copy the first link that ends with the letter “d” (Desktop Version)



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