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I search for my name in Google and my website doesn't show up, Why?

October 9, 2019

I search for my name in Google and my website doesnt show up, how come?

In a nutshell when you do Google searches for specific keyword terms (ie. like your name) Google then shows the results based upon a very complex ranking system. Google ranks sites higher for searches based on a large # of factors. This is part of Google's internal search algorithm which changes constantly.

Item 1: Google is not aware your site exists and might not have your website indexed

The websites that Roar Solutions produce for you are not optimized for any specific keyword search terms and are not submitted to Google. We do offer a Google Analytics and sitemap service whereby we create a sitemap file of your website and submit it to Google. This helps get the pages of your website indexed with Google.

NOTE: indexing with Google is not the same as having your website rank high for a specific search term in Google. Please note this.

Item 2: The search term you are using in Google might have a large number of results.

You go to Google and type in your name and hit enter. You see that your site doesnt show up on the 1st few pages even though your site has been indexed by Google, what's up?

Well you need to also take a look at how many results are shown by your search term. If you have a very common name (first or last) well it's likely Google might have hundreds of thousands of results and there is no guarantee that you'd show up in the 1st page. If you have a very unique name then it's more likely your site would show up higher as Google would likely have less results.

BIG ITEM: the term you type into Google.

If you just typed in for example, 'John Smith' that might return 60 Million results or more as the name is very generic. BUT if you type in 'John Smith Mortgages' there might only be 400,000 results. So you can see that the more detail you provide in the search term the better the results you will see.

Item 3: If your site is a brand new site and it was sent to Google to be indexed you might need to wait a bit as it does take time for Google to index.

Nothing happens in real time unfortunately when it comes to Google rankings so you need to be patient. People think that as soon as their site is made live Google somehow knows this and magically has it ranked which is not the case.

Item 4: Your site isnt fully optimized for the specific keywords you are typing in.

For example if you are a mortgage broker in Toronto and you type in 'Toronto Mortgage Broker' into the Google search box and you haven't completed any website optimization on your website the odds of your site showing up in the top 50 pages of Google are likely slim to none. Why is this? There are literally thousands of other brokers in that area that have websites so how could all of them show up in the 1st few pages of a Google search, the answer is they unfortunately cannot.

Website Optimization a totally separate service we offer at Roar Solutions. It starts at $395/month and up as it is an immensely detailed and time consuming set of onsite and offsite tasks that need to be completed. This takes months and is geared for specific localized keyword terms to try and rank your site higher for these.

A localized keyword term would be for instance 'Edmonton Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers'.

Item 5: Realistic expectations

Lastly you need to have realistic expectations. For instance the large markets in Canada... Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton etc. are saturated wtih competition so your odds of ranking high in Google for certain keyword terms are very slim unless you are devoting a lot of time and money to help get rankings.

Think about it. If there are 100 mortgage agents in the Greater Toronto Area and all have a website how would Google be able to show all of them on the 1st page when Google only shows 10 results? The answer is Google cannot so guess what, this is where Googles ranking algorithms come into play and it has many many factors that rank some sites higher than others.

For instance trying to rank on the term 'Toronto Mortgage Broker' would be very very hard and would require a very large monthly budget as that term is hyper competitive. So your best bet is to focus on more niche keywords in these cases.

Niche keywords could be something like 'Mortgages for first time home buyers in Toronto'


We hope that this helps to answer some of your questions but as always if you need more help please send us an emil to

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