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What is Google Analytics - Very Basic Explanation.

February 16, 2018

Basically, it's a piece of code we install on your site that tracks and measure the traffic on your website. It can help provide very detailed information at a very granular level. Along with installing the Google Analytics code we also create what's called an xml sitemap of your website and submit that to Google Webmaster Tools. This helps get the majority of your pages indexed quicker with Google.

We install the Google Analytics under our own account. If you already have your own Analytics account you would then need to provide us with the code to add to the website. Our team can help you with this.

Some extra tidbits:

- Helps Google categorize ALL your website pages in a matter of weeks vs months.
- Google expects to see this code in its categorizing efforts.
- This is not the same as Search Engine Optimazation where you expect to get better rankings (that's a separate topic unto itself that we can help you with).

Some extra resources on Google Analytics for you keeners:


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