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BluMortgage CRM now integrates with Roar Mortgage Websites

November 2, 2020

BluMortgage Mortgage Broker CRM and Filogix and Finmo now integrate with Roar Mortgage Websites

BluMortgage is a CRM for mortgage brokers that provides pre-templated email campaigns to streamline communications with clients. BluMortgage’s application pipeline simplifies the complex operations of a mortgage broker.

A good CRM can help your online business scale significantly.  That's why BluMortgage CRM was designed by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals and have helped some of the biggest and best mortgage brokerages transform their online business. 

If you have a Roar Solutions mortgage, real estate or small business template, we can easily integrate your data to automatically submit into BlueMortgage CRM to further enhancer your lead follow up efficiencies. 

- Automatically push your lead data from website to CRM in real-time.
- Eliminate the need for manual data entry with Filogix, Finmo, Floify and BrokrBindr
- No more wondering if your website lead data has been added to your CRM deal flow pipeline.  All leads immediately show up in your CRM! 

Key features of BluMortgage CRM Marketing Platform: 

Marketing Platform -
Deal Flow Pipeline -
Data Security -
Lead Management -

To get started, book a demo with BlueMortgage CRM ( THEN reach out to Roar Solutions Support Team at and we'll help get you setup!  

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