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Why Every Mortgage Professional and Small Business Owner Should Have Their Own Unique Website

October 6, 2021

If you have not bought your own domain and built a website, now is definitely the time.

In the era of social media and advanced mobile phones and devices, every person, or at least every person working in the business sector, should have their own website. This definitely includes Mortgage Professionals, Real Estate Agents as well as small business owners of every type.

There are many reasons to own your own website, but let's focus on a few important ones.

You Should Own and Drive Your Own Narrative.

We don't think we need to tell you how beneficial the internet can be for your business. Most peopel start their search for a business to use online.

Even if your website is super simple and has not much more than your name, a short bio, and a contact form, it's still worth having so you can own your story and make sure no one tells it inaccurately.

Make Your Potential Clients Lives Easier!

If someone wants to work with you, even if it's just a thought right now, give them the possibility to learn more about you without the need to do extensive research.

If you make someone work hard to learn about your business, chances are they will give up at some point. Having your own website gives potential clients the opportunity to quickly and easily learn about you and your offering.

You can even use your website to offer clients some references by including testimonials and reviews on the site to help build trust. The bottom line is, you should have a site so people don't have to work too hard to learn about you.

Not Being Visible When People Search for You is a Red Flag.

We always compare this to growing up and finding out that a kid in class doesn't have a TV at home, or today, finding out that a person doesn't have internet at home.

We know we are slightly over-simplifying and we realize that in some cultures people don't have a TV or internet access, but if you work in the business sector, not having your own website is essentially the same thing. It makes people ask themselves, 'Why doesn't this person have a website? Who doesn't have a website today? Something must be up.'

Give People an Easy Way to Contact You.

Why make people search for you when they want to reach out? Obviously, if the message the person wants to send is more of a personal thing, they can reach out on social media, but if it is more business-related in nature, you want to give them an easy way to reach out.

The first thing a business acquaintance will do when trying to contact you is likely Google your name. If you own your own domain, your own website, that person doesn't have to search too much to be able to contact you.

You can also include a contact form, so the people who reach out share the exact information you need -- nothing less and nothing more. In other words, owning your own domain and building your own website makes everyone's life easier.

You should buy your own domain name for various reasons, and if you don't know how to buy a domain, or how to build the site, well you’ve come to the right place.

Having a Page or Your “Website” Buried Within Your Corporate Site is Not Good Enough

We see this time and time again where a brokerage offers their agents a free page within the corporate website which is great. That said these pages are all exactly the same as the next agent and typically look cookie-cutter to no end. It’s time to take your website seriously as your potential clients definitely are. We can help you stand out from the pack in a good way.

Contact our team today to get started or to help answer any questions you might have.

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