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The Importance of Google Rankings for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

December 11, 2021

While it’s easy to assume that potential clients will find you just because your business has been around for years, the truth is that more people are searching online than ever before. In fact, over 90% of consumers use the internet to search for businesses like yours! Of course, if your business isn’t properly optimized, those potential clients will never know about you. With proper search engine optimization, mortgage brokers can get found online and grow their businesses without spending huge amounts of money on advertising or print marketing materials.

1) Get Found Online

As a mortgage broker, it’s important to get found online. Google rankings matter. When potential clients do a search in Google, they may find your page—and not someone else’s. If you don’t have a presence on Google, there’s no way they will come across you unless they are looking directly on your website. Having your business appear when people are searching through Google rankings is one of the best ways to get business. So, how can you make sure that happens? This post talks about four aspects of SEO that are critical to success.

2) Build Trust

Without traffic, your website is useless. Google search engine rankings are a way to make sure people will find you and your business online. In other words, it’s an effective way to build trust with potential clients. Ranking higher in Google search results also means that more people will see your website or advertisement. This makes it easier to get your name out there and get potential clients on board as well. By using SEO techniques such as keyword research, link building, site optimization and social media engagement, you can increase your chances of ranking high in Google search results pages (SERPs).

A solid SEO strategy can really boost brand awareness for mortgage brokers. If Google ranks your website highly, then potential clients have a better chance of finding you. That gives you an opportunity to win their business. But how do you know if your SEO efforts are effective? The easiest way is to track results using metrics tools like Google Analytics or Excel. This will give you real data about how many visitors are coming in via search engine queries compared to other sources such as social media, email and referrals.

You may find that not all your SEO strategies are working; that’s okay—it just means it’s time to change things up! Because sometimes what works one month doesn’t work another. You need to make sure that you keep on top of trends so you don’t fall behind when it comes to rankings. You also want to make sure that no matter what changes Google makes—such as adjusting its algorithm—you stay on top of those changes too. It’s why being flexible with your marketing efforts and trying out new ideas is important: Google wants users to be happy with its search engine and it won’t hesitate to tweak things around if something isn’t working. As an example, websites that use paid links for link building run a higher risk of being penalized by Google. Therefore you should avoid going down that road unless you absolutely have to.

3) Grow Traffic

If you aren’t getting enough traffic, it can be difficult to grow your business. That’s why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important for mortgage brokers. Google rankings can help you get found online when people are searching for lenders or brokers, which will generate more leads and customers—and sales—for your company. In fact, many potential customers start their search by typing in keywords into Google; if they don’t find what they need on page one, they may never make it to pages two through six in their searches. So how do you improve your Google ranking?

There are several things that are out of a mortgage broker’s control—but there is plenty he or she can do with regard to keyword placement, tags and links.

4) Improve Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness (aka brand recognition) is important to any organization, but mortgage brokers in particular should seek out opportunities to develop their brands. The mortgage industry is highly competitive, and mortgage brokers want their customers to recognize them as experts in their field.

There are many ways you can boost your company’s Google rankings—but they all boil down to one concept: improving your brand awareness. If customers know who you are, they will likely associate you with quality customer service and expert knowledge of mortgages.

To start branding now, make sure your website includes information about each area of specialization within your business. For example, if you run a real estate agency that specializes in residential properties, include an About Us section that lists all services offered along with an explanation of what makes these services better than those offered by other firms. Moreover, regularly publish original content that not only provides practical information on topics like refinancing loans or reducing debt but also mentions specific aspects of your firm and how it differs from competitors.

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