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The Effect of Social Proof on Website Credibility and Sales: How To Use it to Boost Your Mortgage, Real Estate and Small Business

December 25, 2021

What is Social Proof and Why is it Important for Your Website

When a visitor visits a website for the first time, they have no idea if the company is legitimate. This is why social proof is so important for a website.

The term 'social proof'; may sound mysterious to you, but it's really not. Simply put, this term refers to anything that can convince you that something is legitimate or trustworthy (and thus should be trusted).

Studies show that customers are more likely to buy products after reading reviews because they believe that other people who bought it will know what they are talking about better than themselves.

How to Create a Strong Social Proof to Boost Website Credibility

Social proof is a term that refers to the idea that if people are doing something, most other people are likely to follow suit.

In web design, social proof can be used as a means of boosting website credibility. There are many different methods of establishing social proof for Mortgage, Real Estate and Small Business websites, including testimonials from Google My Business and Facebook accounts, customer reviews, case studies and expert endorsements.

How to Get Reviews on Social Media and on the Web

Reviews are important for any business because it provides credibility and attracts potential customers. It also helps to boost online visibility of your company.

There are many ways to get reviews on social media or on the web. You can either directly reach out to people on social media or email them, ask for feedback in person, you can leave reviews on other websites, or you can have your customers leave reviews for you on Google My Business and Facebook.

Conclusion: Tips & Resources To Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Marketing Strategy

The more you know about social proof, the more you can use it to improve your marketing strategy.

There are many ways social proof can be incorporated into your marketing strategy. One way is by focusing on the number of likes and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another way to incorporate this into your marketing strategy is through testimonials from customers who have used your product or service and shared their experience with other potential customers.

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