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Is Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business Using Social Media To Drive New Leads?

October 9, 2013

If you are a business professional or a business owner you’ve heard that you should be using at least some form of social media to help educate your clients, drive traffic and engage with new and existing clients.

Some Recent Stats:

Here are some recent stats about useage in the US and Canada in regards to the % of people actively using social networks as part of their daily routine.

Facebook: 67%
LinkedIn: 46%
Twitter: 16%
Pinterest: 15%
Instagram: 13%

So Why Should you be using Social Media?

I’ll go through a few of the more important reasons why below but as always each and every business is different so not every social network may offer the same benefits.

1. Keeping Your Business Visible Online:

Staying active in social media is almost a mandatory item nowadays right behind having a website.  Remember the day you discovered you needed a website as part of your online marketing strategy to be taken seriously as a business?  Being active in various social media networks is basically the same. Today’s consumers expect to be able to find more about your company on Facebook and LinkedIn for example. These social networks also help to encourage more engagement with you and your brand and improve the signals to help your search rankings.

2. Better Search Engine Rankings:

At Roar Solutions we’ve been promoting the benefits of website optimization and getting better Google rankings for your website for many years.  Having a Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page also will benefit you  in terms of people finding you online. Many Google searches turn up Linkedin and Facebook pages in the top spots of Google. Therefore it only makes sense that you set these up for you and your business, doesn’t it? Yet many business owners still aren’t doing it and it’s FREE!

3. Customer Service:

Yes social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great add-ons at helping you with your customer service. People can ask questions, leave comments and gain valuable information from you and help push them into the sales funnel.

4. Social Media Accounts are FREE!

The largest social networks all offer free accounts so take advantage of this and claim your free account with them. It doesn’t take long but we suggest at the least that you sign up for a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + account. It might take you time to learn the use of these but at least you have them as your own.

5. Extension for your marketing efforts

Your marketing should include social media as well as having a website, doing email marketing and sometimes some traditional media advertising such as newspaper, radio etc. So you can no longer think of just 1 or 2 areas, your clients are using social media so you absolutely need to be as well.

Don’t Have Time For Social Media or Simply Don’t Get it?

Ask yourself these questions…

We don’t have time to do this ourselves
We can’t keep up with the changing technology, it’s too complicated
We just don’t have the expertise to know what to do or what to write about
We don’t know where to start with social media to be honest
It looks bad that our business isn’t involved at all in social media (or we do it so sparsely it appears we’re not doing it) and we know we’re losing out on opportunities.

If you answered yes to any of the above you need to look at a Managed Social Media Strategy and this is where Roar Solutions can help. We offer a few packages to suit most peoples needs. You can learn more here: 

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