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Should Your Broker Business Be Using Google+

October 9, 2013

Yes you’ve likely heard about Google Plus.  Wondering what it's all about and whether or not you should be using it for your Real Estate or Mortgage business? Great Question.

What Is Google Plus?

This is Googles latest answer to their social network efforts to help stave off the masses from only using Facebook. This service used to be coined Google Circles and has been around in some shape or form for the past year or so. Unfortunately the uptake has been a bit slow, likely because most people on the planet already have a Facebook account. That said Google Plus is starting to make waves and as a business owner we’ll show you why it’s going to be extremely important for you to get on board.

Why Do I need to use Google Plus – Short Answer… Possibly Better Search Rankings For Your Business?

One of the most important reasons to start using Google Plus is the positive affects it will, and is having for website searches. Google still dominates the search engine market and well over 75% of people use Google to do any kind of online search. Here’s where it gets important. Google seems to be placing higher relevance on certain search terms and showing better results for users who have and are using a Google Plus account. So if you’re a mortgage broker and someone goes to Google and types in “Toronto Mortgage Broker” you’ll see that many results show things like ‘Google Reviews’ for a specific website. These indicate that that website has an associated Google Plus account.

Google is definitely placing an importance factor for those people and businesses who have a Google Plus account and as such appear to be showing them higher in website searches.

Why Is it Important For My Website To Show Up Higher in a Google Search?

The answer is quite easy. Most people will research any purchase or the use of any companies services by first doing an online search. As Google dominates the search engine market  ost everyone is using Google to perform their searches. Now when a person does a search Google typically shows 10 results per page (plus some paid ads as well). Most people dont look beyond page 2-3 so it’s imperative that your website shows and ranks as high as it can for related Google searches.

When people find your website on a Google search they may click on the link to get to your website where in turn you might be the person or business they contact.

Higher Google Search Rankings = Greater Chance People Click to Go To Your Website = Greater Website Traffic = Greater Chance for New Leads and New Income!!

So to recap one of the biggest benefits of using Google Plus is the positive impact it will have for your business when people are doing Google searches. Google is placing a higher importance on this and as such you and your business should take advantage of this. 

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