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Your Blog is the Vital Keystone

January 27, 2015

Social Media Marketing: Your Blog is the Vital Keystone

The marketing world is abuzz with the power of social media. There isn’t a brand or marketing firm that isn’t all over and The humble blog seems to be yesterday’s news. However, you neglect you blog at your peril. The blog is a vital keystone of every successful social media campaign.

Own Your Own Space

You own your blog, and have complete control over it. It is not vulnerable to the whims of the social media networks, or their billionaire owners. Nobody can shut down your blog, or censor you contributions. Without a blog your marketing messages are second-hand goods. They arrive in front of your audience via someone else’s mouthpiece.

The Foundation Stone tweets are only 140 characters, so you need a blog or website to host fresh content. Use it as the target for your social media campaigns. Aim to funnel traffic back to your blog and your website. That way, all your marketing campaign content has a focus. Social media content without a destination is like a ship without a rudder. It floats, but it never gets anywhere!

Brand image

Social media networks allow for limited customization, and stop you from showing off your brand on a pure, uncluttered platform. They also display adverts, often from your direct competitors! You control exactly how your blog looks, and can present your message and brand exactly as you please. Use your blog to prevent your message from being drowned out by the social media hullabaloo.

Always faithful

Remember When was the last time you spent any time on Social networks come and go, but your blog is always faithful. If an important social site changes its terms and conditions, or simply goes bust, you can kiss your audience goodbye. If you have funnelled them back to your blog, your audience is social media independent.

Make sure that you gather up contact details with a good list widget that collects email addresses. Offer a valuable resource to encourage people to sign up. Love your blog like you used to love your rolodex!  

Statistically Speaking

On social networks, you have no way of finding out where your audience is coming from. There is no accurate way of measuring which of your initiatives is working. Install a good metrics widget on your blog, and you know exactly what works!

Mine All Mine

You have to pay for advertising on the social media sites, and pay affiliates to market your products on their own websites. Any profits you make via your own blog are 100 percent yours. If you need to plug a new service, or announce a new product, do it on your blog free of charge. Use the social networks to funnel your audience towards it.

Your blog is your own real estate. It is the only part of the internet that you control completely. Make sure that it is at the heart of your social media efforts.


Getting Started...

Regular blogging is critical for any real estate or mortgage business.  Can't find time to keep your real estate or mortgage blog updated with quality content readers want OR to share through social media? Don't hesitate to contact our Content Team to keep your blog updated every single week.  We're here to help!


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