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3 Key Factors in Building Your Online Profile

April 27, 2015

The world of marketing is constantly changing. Social media and content have become the major drivers of a successful internet marketing campaign. While your website is considered the hub of your online presence it is just one part of a bigger marketing strategy.

1) A Professional Website represents you and your business online making it easy for prospective clients to find you, conveys your credibility, showcases your services, has the ability to generate leads and serves as a hub for your social media profiles.

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2) Active Social Media Profiles
can ensure that information about your business and services can be shared online, making it easier for people to find out about you and how you can help them. Not only does social media help you direct people to your website, but the more social media shares you receive, could increase your search ranking.

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3) Regular Content Updates
through a business blog can help you to grow your business. Adding content to your website on a regular basis and then sharing that through your social channels can help drive traffic to your website, increase your ranking in the search engines for relevant keywords, and maximize your online presence beyond just a static website.

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